Events List




Decay from computer mice


The oven’s electricity is cut off

Wet floors

Can’t move on to tile


(Decays items stored in combiners and storage faster)

Oh my! The computer mice have attacked! These fiends are dastardly hungry, and will decay your toppings faster. So put on your running shoes, and hop to it. Hurry up and bake bake bake before it’s too late late late!


(Ovens are turned off for a time, pizzas in the oven at the time are destroyed)

Pizza World, also known as “Papa John’s Day of Reckoning” has hired a complete doofus for their electrician. The management’s love for creating pizza has made them blind to all practical limitations in the world. You could say that they look at life through pizza-tinted glasses. Little would they know, their pizza-tinted glasses would hamper the cooks ability to make pizza! In the 22nd century BC-BCE-AC-ACE, electricity is needed to make pizza! At this point in human history, society has completely forgot how to cook anything with natural fire or flame, and same goes for the wonderful Pizza World. Whenever our dummy electrician messes up, it could be time to shift attention to something else (use your big brain to figure this out).

Wet floors

(Cook cannot move through wet tiles)

If there is one thing the big elites at Pizza World do not want, and that’s a big lawsuit. Through the use of mental subliminal torture machines, that spurt daily affirmations of workplace encouragement to help the workers at Pizza World become more extensions of the company than they are humans, the cooks are terrified of any little bit of water that appears on the floor even if it’s just a drop. Due to this mental programming that the company has done, you are not able to enter any tile that has water on the floor, even if it is just a tiny tiny little bitsy itsy little bit.

Event timing

Events happen twice per game, Once when the game is roughly 1/3rd of the way through and another when it is roughly 2/3rd’s of the way through. Events vary slightly when they start based on game map.